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Are you relatively new to penis enlargement? That’s okay, we all start someplace. There are of course something things that you should know. For instance - there are a lot of scammy products on the market. They either don’t work, or don’t work nearly as well as they promise they will. The whole market isn’t bad, there’s just a few bad apples that ruin the bunch unfortunately.

Getting Started

So, be careful who you listen to. Consider finding a good blog (Jelqnerd) or trustworthy magazine that you can follow. For a magazine, consider something like - typically their information is very good and will get you the kind of news you can use.

You can always find smaller articles on other sites as well. For instance Articles like this can help you along the way!

Just be aware that you’re going to come into a lot of little problems that you may not be expecting. For instance, unless you use a condensed exercise program - jelq workouts can take up to 60+ minutes to do well. Are you going to be able to commit that much time to your new hobby, 5-6 days a week? If so then you will be well on your way to seeing awesome gains!

There are also some relationship concerns that you should consider. For instance - will your significant other be supportive of your new hobby? If not, then you’ve really got to consider what is more important to you and take it from there. Wanting a bigger penis shouldn’t stand in the way of your relationship - but let’s face facts - we’ve heard of stranger things!


Our recommendation is that you avoid drugs or supplements. They are normally only good for very short term gains and don’t work well over the long haul. Exercises, extenders, pumps and even clamps are normally a pretty safe bet. However, assuming that you are completely new to this - stick with penis enlargement exercises first and foremost. You will thank yourself later, trust me.

Ready To Begin?

I know you are probably really excited to get started as soon as possible. Do yourself a favor and check out JelqNerd - he will teach you most of what you need to know, right from the start!

Why We Changed

It is true that we have changed this site format considerably but only because we want to enter a new exciting market and get the best band for the buck out of our new property. Hopefully you will enjoy our new angle as we will be working hard to bring you the very best information possible.

If you should have any comments or questions just get ahold of us and we will see what we can do to help you out! Our main focus has always been and will always be our readers - and that means you! Keep in touch!